Best Technology

Ecovim machines are patented worldwide. It uses heat and vibration technology.

User friendly

Ecovim machines are very easy to manage and operate.

Low Maintenance

Ecovim machines maintenance are easy and only requires some parts change from time to time.

Truly Eco-friendly

Ecovim machines only needs electrical energy, it produces water and a reusable compost.

Recycling Food Waste

Every day, millions of tons of food waste (from commercial kitchen and dining room scraps) are simply bagged up and dumped in the trash bins for destination to the landfill. In the US alone, over 40% of landfill content is food waste. This food will break down and begin to emit tons of methane and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as it slowly decomposes. Composting is an excellent way to utilize food waste but the problem is time. It takes weeks or months to properly compost food waste and it takes space and labor to correctly process this waste. Ecovim provides technology which dehydrates this food waste in hours. The reduction in volume can be as high as 90%, leaving only 10% of the original mass processed. The output product is a highly concentrated organic soil amendment which can be used asfertilizer, bio-fuel and animal feed. It will also generate water which can be reused to water plants.

Food Waste Diverted from US Landfills



How can we reuse the by product made by Ecovim-System?

Food Waste in the Landfill Facts


Weight problem

Third largest component by weight



475 lbs produced annually per individual (70+ million tons/year)



Sanitation issues: vermin, odor, liquids, leaching, gas and odor.

Landfill usage problems


Methane gas

Landfills generate an estimated 34% of the methane gases released in the US


Harmful gas

Methane gas generated is 20-25x more potent than CO2


High cost

Pick up & transfer to landfills yields a high carbon footprint, congestion, gas consumption

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