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We Are Innovators

Organic Waste Technologies

We help businesses and organizations meet city, state, federal and corporate diversion goals with Zero Waste Solutions.

Key Features of Ecovim Technology:
• On-Site Organic Waste Reduction
• On-Site Organic Waste Conversion
• Output can be used as a Soil Amendment or Compost Accelerant
• Can be Pelletized to be used as a Bio-Fuel
• Post Processed as Animal Feed/Pet Food
• Remaining Element is Reclaimable Water

From 66 pounds to 3300 pounds of processing capability per day per unit.

We care about our Environment

Eco-Friendly and Eco-conscious

We believe it is everybody responsibility to adopt a eco friendly approach to the increasing waste problem in the world.

Set an example to the community around you! Changes start small. Send us an email asking how you can be part of our mission.

Your Ecovim Account Manager Can Assist Your Organization In Determining the Right Size Solution.

Ecovim USA


  • 2008Launched Ecovim machines in USA

  • 2012New Technology Cycle

    All machines were upgraded to process more in less time.
    Eco-220 was upgraded with more capacity and became Eco-250
  • 2013Ecovim Machines Upgrade

    PLC - Programmable Logic Controller Application Adopted
    Upgraded with Anti-Jamming System